Module 1: Installing EPIC Kingdom Identity

ELX M1 Lesson 1: Welcome and Introduction

ELX M1 Lesson 2: How To Build Your Kingdom Foundation Knowing God’s Will Resources And Principles

ELX M1 Lesson 3: Discover Who You Really Are, What You Can Do and Have In Christ

ELX M1 Lesson 4: How To Harness God’s Power to Transform Your Heart Compelling You Into Obedient Kingdom Action

ELX M1 Lesson 6: The Keys To Catching Your Crippling Thought And Behaviour Patterns And Change Them Immediately

ELX M1 Lesson 7: How To Take A Baseline Of Your Current Identity, Design A New One And Grow Into It

ELX M1 Lesson 8: How To Audit of Everything You Believe to Be True and Rebuild The Core Beliefs Of A Superior Winner

ELX M1 Lesson 9: How To Design The EPIC Lifestyle You Really Want And Build From Wherever You’re Starting

ELX M1 Lesson x10: How The Kingdom of God Works, The Biblical Science To Converting God’s Promises To Real Life Experience

ELX M1 Lesson x11: Key RESULT Driven Actions


Lesson 5: How To Spot The Hidden Reason That Drive Your Unwanted Behaviour and Decisions