MASTER The Answered Prayer Formula | 'The #1 Secret To Guarantee God Answers Yes to ALL Your Prayers' with THIS MasterClass Course


8 Amazing Modules Covering Everything You Need to Get Your Prayers ANSWERED

Learn all the steps to take to master everything in just hours!

Module 1

'The Secret YOU Must Know' | FAST Start

Module 2

'Discovering God's Requirements to Answer Your Prayer AND How YOU Meet Them' | 3 Parts

Module 3

'Being CERTAIN of God's INFINITE Capabilities' | 2 Parts

Module 4

100% Confidence in God's L.I.I.P.s | 4 Parts

Module 5

'How You Say The IDEAL Prayer' | The Jesus Prayer Model

Module 6

'How EXACTLY You Pray The Prayer of FAITH'

Module 7

'How to TRUST God When You Don't SEE Anything Happening'

Module 8

'The ULTIMATE Objective of Prayer' | This IS the MOST Important Piece of the Entire Puzzle


Spiritual Equipping Tools | Transform God's Promises into Your Visible Reality

MASTER The 12 Requirements God Needs You to Meet BEFORE He Answers Your Prayers... 

Baron Bentley

Founder | TheEpicLifeTV  

Co-Creator | The Answered Prayer Formula Programme 

Author | How To Guarantee God Answers YES to All Your Prayers

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13 hours of in-depth spiritual equipping training:

The Secret you MUST know to MASTER the Answered Prayer Formula...
The ULTIMATE objective of prayer!
Discover God's requirements to answer your prayers and how exactly you CAN meet them...
How exactly you pray the prayer of FAITH and apply God's Word to manifest ANY promise into your VISIBLE experience...
How to become and STAY 100% confident in God's capabilities to fulfill His promises to you, when you don't SEE anything happening!


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'How the Kingdom of God Operates' (Instruction Video)
'The Process of Manifestation' - FlowChart + Instruction Video
Answered Prayer Formula | Quick reference checklist
The entire ANSWERED Prayer Formula | 10 EASY Steps Summarised on 1 Sheet of A4 Paper (Flow Chart)
Plus more... MIND blowing surprise bonuses...

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