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Who we help

We work primarily with people who have gifts, ideas, passions and expertise they feel is a calling from God to serve others with. Their desire is to have fun, doing what they love, earning a substantial income with God’s principles, building a career around their lifestyle without compromising their family, health or values. So instead of just reading about God’s promises of abundance they actually experience it. Rejoicing in Relationship with God 🥰 Growing Christlike Character & Power. 👑

What we do

We help these people become Empowered People In Christ (EPIC) introducing God's spiritual empowerment to their gifts and incomes by first mastering themselves. This is done primarily via our 2 flagship offerings: first, MULTIPLY, where we get re-program one’s identity in Christ to help them become the person capable of producing 1 year's income every month first, and then their reality will follow, when we help them build a platform for people to pay them for their service.

Next, through DOMINION, where we help people who are already established at 6 figures grow to 7 figures and obtain even more freedom from their businesses whilst making a lasting impact.

Our Principles

God's Glory – God owns this business and is responsible for the results.
Love Our Students – Student success is our success.
Make Progress – Get it done, then get it right.
Eliminate Distractions – Removing hinderances impacts results more than good techniques.
Needle Movers – Keep the main thing, the main thing, do less better.
Principled – Focus on timeless principles rather than temporary techniques.

Continuous Improvement - Keep making TheEpicLife training EPIC:

Our Vision

Help Every Person God Brings To Become EPIC Empowered People In Christ
Create World’s No. 1 Most Effective Kingdom Implementation Training
World’s Highest Volume of Successful Students with Highest Success Levels

Our Story

In 2018 I threw my iPad on the floor one frustrating morning during family worship with my wife Tessa. There were 3 prayers we needed answered and nothing I did appeared to be making any difference since 2014! …

Prayer 1: Since we married in June 2014 we had been renting a room and wanted our own home

Prayer 2: The problem was I was had no income on and off since 2013.

Prayer 3: We desperately needed a new car, the one we were driving was 17 years old and when it rained, it rained inside the car too. In winter after clearing the fog or ice outside the windscreen, you had to repeat the same INSIDE and wait for the car to heat up or so you could see out. One night while driving, suddenly it fogged up again so badly we couldn't see. Tessa had to stick her head out the window and guide me, driving completely blind to steer the car to safety.

I had been praying for 4 years, I brought lots of Christian books on prayer, listened to different ministries TV shows, supported their ministries with over $10,000 being seduced by gimmicks sowing seeds for blessings and none of the blessings they promised came. I was worse off than before I started giving. I had little money left and no income.

I was desperate and determined to:

1 Find out how to live in abundance according to God’s principles and when I did I was going to.
2 Test it myself by applying it... and then when it worked.
3 I would share it with anyone who would listen.

Chapter I - It became a borderline obsession

I studied meticulously and discovered… there is a precise divine science to transfer God's promises of abundance from the page of your bible to being your experience. By science I mean a specific, proven sequence of principles which must be applied properly and consistently in order for God’s promises to manifest into reality.

Application of God’s instructions cannot fail. It works consistently for anyone who applies it (Isaiah 55:11 & Acts 10:34). I mapped out this science visually, so that I could remind myself of the process and make sure I was applying it correctly.

These principles are not my invention but rather something I discovered. God has put them in His Word for the purpose of discovery and application; and with diligent search they will be found.

Chapter II - I started applying this science:

Fast Forward to 2019 in 6 months my prayers were answered, June 16th - Dec 31st (28 weeks)*

Answered Prayer 1: New Home (June 16th 2019)

Answered Prayer 2: New Best Paying Career of My Life (Sept 19th 2019)

Answered Prayer 3: New Car (December 31st 2019)

Chapter III - Where we are now

Out of this TheEPICLife.tv was born, where I share precisely how this divine science of kingdom principles work, with people who are willing to put in the effort to learn and master converting our heavenly Father's promises of abundance into reality.

Financial abundance doesn't fall out the sky. God said, He gives US POWER to get wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18). Solomon in his wisdom said, "For a dream cometh through the multitude of business..." Ecclesiastes 5:3. Paul said, If we do our OWN business we will lack nothing (2 Thessalonians 4:11-12).

God has given each of us gifts, ideas, passions and expertise, to DO our OWN business. When you apply the 5 key principles God gave in Genesis 1:28 to your business. Be Fruitful, Multiply, Replenish, Subdue and have Dominion. God's GRACE (spiritual empowerment) will produce financial abundance, it's possible to earn 1 year's income every month, doing what you love.

Empowered People In Christ - E.P.I.C.

If you are in Christ you are a NEW creature (2 Corinthians 5:17) and God wants to show Himself STRONG in you (2 Chronicles 16:9 & Matthew 5:16). He wants to demonstrate through you His WILL on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10). Through your Christlike character, blessing others with your resources (3 John 2 & 2 Corinthians 9:8-12).

No wonder God desires for us to be blessed ABOVE ALL people (Deuteronomy 7:14)! REIGNING in life (Romans 5:17) living ABUNDANTLY (John 10:10) to be a blessing to our fellow man and bring glory to Him (Colossians 1:27 & Isaiah 60:2) "And all people of the earth shall SEE that we art called by the name of the Lord;" Deuteronomy 28:10.

Our Mission

Help every single human being God sends to become E.P.I.C. earning 1 year's income every month having fun doing what they love, and it all starts with you. I thank God for bringing YOU by divine appointment today.

Our Founder

Baron Bentley


Creates content, manages operations & helps clients.

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The best way to contact us is via email – [email protected]

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