What is it?

Multiply has all the kingdom principles training of Fruitful PLUS our flagship 12 month - Spiritually Empowered | Coaching Synergy Group for 100 exclusive members by application only.

Multiply is all about delivering you a complete training in order to create a shift in you; Because until you become the empowered person in Christ God created you to be you will struggle to achieve the vision God designed you to fulfil. This program was created in such a way that it allows you to shift into the version of you that is aligned with the supernatural power of God.

Who is for?

• You’re not somebody who needs to be convinced wealth is a gift from God, it is good, for you as God’s child to do His bidding on earth.

• You're ready to serve people with your gifts, ideas, expertise to help them transform and feel good about it, you’re probably already doing it in some capacity for free, you could do it all day, because you love it, and you love the idea of make a living doing it, a real career.

• You desire to earn a substantial income with God’s principles and see Gods wealth promises manifest without compromising spiritual values.

The BEST members are usually deep thinkers who are willing to engage and undergo a transformation. If you have a grateful can-do attitude and think in terms of how can you can contribute to the group. If nothing feels better than, doing what you love and making a substantial income being financially free, this is for you.

How to get started

Multiply is definitely not a one-size-fits-all. Currently we only have 100 places available each year! This is why we have a very strict selection process.

You can join by application only!

If you want to apply for a place - join our waitlist - there's 6 quick multiple choice questions, which will later help us determine who we can best serve and who will best fit in the inner circle, when you apply.

If your application is successful we'll be in touch to let you know the next step.

If not don't panic, you'll be the first to know when you can join the wider community with FULL access to Fruitful the Epic Life library of training resources.

So the best thing to do right now is join the waitlist ASAP as we only open for candidates to apply 3 times a year with a  very short window, so don't miss the next one. Either way we'll be in touch! 

In the meantime between time there'll be plenty of goodies coming your way to whet your appetite before we open. Keep an eye on your inbox for emails from 'TheEpicLife'

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