Our Vision

Our Mission

Create World’s No. 1 Most Effective Kingdom Implementation Training
World’s Highest Volume of Successful Students with Highest Success Levels
World’s Largest Online Education Platform by 2030 Until the End of Time

Creating The 12 Easy Kingdom Routines that Transfer God's Promises from the page of Our Bibles to becoming our Visible Experiences as New Creatures

So How Can YOU Get In On This?

Step 1 Get plugged into our KIT Courses starting your journey creating The Epic Life together with us... as Empowered People In Christ 

Step 2 We’re interviewing for team members to join us on our mission. If you’re up for the challenge, We’re putting an EPIC team together! This is going to be both fulfilling and rewarding. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and put in some sweat equity before you reap the rewards, but the rewards will come and when they do, you’ll mark todays date as the start of a massive change in the trajectory of your life!

Because Together we ARE going to build the World's Most Epic:

Kingdom Routine Training Platform AND Develop the Animated Gamification App to Help Anyone Build those 12 Kingdom routines and visually track achieving their Epic Life Goals.

So We’re interviewing for a creative team of:

Web Developers, App Developers, UX, UI, Marketers, Copy Writers, Social Media Marketers Paid and Organic, Videographers/Editors, Animation Specialists, Graphic Designers, Public Relations People

And We’re interviewing for a support team of:

Coaches, Customer Service Reps, Commercial Attorneys, Accountants, Tax Strategists, Human Resource Personnel, Operations Managers, Venture Capitalists potentially.

Contact Us

If any of the above opportunities are of interest... 

We'd love to hear from you... 

Contact: [email protected] or use the form below...

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